Vision, Mission And The Objectives Of The College Of Law


The Vision

The Faculty of Law at Mutah University seeks to be a distinguished centre locally and regionally in research and legal studies, and to be a centre that graduates distinguished and competent graduates.


The Mission

The Faculty seeks to create and strengthen the legal culture that is embedded in the skills and legal inspiration of the graduates of the Faculty, which enables them to enter the labour market with all efficiency and adequate and appropriate capacities.

The Faculty also seeks to spread the legal culture of citizens locally and regionally, in the aim of reaching the society and state of law and institutions in which people know well their rights and duties.


The Objectives(Bachelor Of Law)

  • Developing the legal personality of the students and improving their legal awareness.
  • Expanding the general horizons of students in all fields and expanding the scientific awareness of the use of the latest educational and technical means.
  • Linking the theoretical study and the practical application through the means of teaching and learning, such as the mock trials, field visits and legal internships outside the university.
  • To provide the student with the ability to learn about the various legal skills.
  • To strengthen the relations between the students with each other and between them and the faculty members through educational and academic supervision in order to create opportunities to promote the student's culture and awareness.
  • To strengthen cooperation between the university and the local community and to reach the local community through training, continuing education, seminars, lectures and conferences.


The Objectives (Master Of Law)

  • To contribute in improving the Jordanian laws and the laws of the Arab World.
  • To encourage the scientific research and provide in-depth studies that can serve the researchers in the legal field.
  • To enhance the legal and scientific capabilities of the students' curriculum.
  • To inform students of the relevant legislation in the issues raised in the programme curriculum.
  • To provide the country and the Arab nation with legal staff who are qualified to meet the needs of the labour market.


The Objectives(Master Of Intellectual Property And Innovation)

  • Create a broad legal culture graduate who are competent to work on the development of the legislative system related to the field of intellectual property and creativity.
  • Support innovation and protection of intellectual property in the community.
  • Acquisition of graduates the knowledge, skills and experience to become professionals in the field of intellectual property.
  • Enhance the capabilities of the graduates to improve their role in maintaining ownership of mental and intellectual and creative abilities of the human rights
  • To graduate students who are eligible to work on innovative project management and consultancy.



The Objectives(Ph.D Programme In Private Law)

  • Preparation of competent and qualified staff who are capable of carrying out scientific and in-depth studies in the field of private law.
  • Participating in the provision of higher qualifications in all branches of private law.
  • Openness to other legal achievements within the constants of the Jordanian legislation.
  • Graduating scientific competencies needed tothe research, education and judicial institutions in the local, national, Arab and international community.
  • Invest in the knowledge and research growth of faculty members in the university by opening a new horizon that serves the university and the region in the development and modernization.



College Objectives:

  • Work development and institutional efficiency.
  •  Achieve academic excellence in the educational process to get qualified graduates.
  •  Promotion, development and promotion of higher education and scientific research.
  •  Activate and deepen the leading and creative role of the Faculty to serve the national community.


Future College Aspirations

The College is working hard to achieve a set of goals set out in its strategic plan, the most important of which are:

  •  Expanding the practical aspects of the courses of practical nature.
  •  Scholarships, especially the focus on the distinguished graduates of the Faculty.
  • Expanding the college's programs, especially opening a doctoral program in law.


Core Values:

The Faculty believes in the following core values and works to strengthen them among all its students:

  • Excellence, creativity and reward for outstanding performance.
  • Integrity and transparency in work, openness, clarity, objectivity and mutual trust between the University and all concerned parties.
  • Social Responsibility: The Faculty is committed to interacting with the community by providing continuous education opportunities, training, educational and awareness programs, and deepening belonging to the country.
  • Justice: justice in dealing with the affairs of the faculty members and the administrative body and students.
  • Total Quality Assurance: The Faculty is committed to the continuity of performance review at all levels and in all aspects and activities of the Faculty and evaluation and use of the results to identify areas of defect and develop appropriate solutions for improvement
  • Continuous Learning: the Faculty encourages continuous learning for all in all it does.
  • Commitment to institutional work: the Faculty encourages active collective participation in the university environment.