​The vision and mission of the Private Law Department is the same as that of the College.
Our Vision:
The Department of Private Law at the Faculty of Law at Mu'tah University seeks to be a center of excellence locally and regionally in the research and legal study to reach a distinguished graduate and competent.

Our Mission:

The Private Law Department of the Faculty of Law seeks to create and strengthen the legal culture, which is grafted with the skills and legal qualities of the graduates of the College, which enables them to access the labor market efficiently and with sufficient and appropriate capabilities.

 It also seeks to spread the legal culture of citizens locally and regionally, to the community and the rule of law and institutions where people know their rights and duties.

Our Goals:

 1. Developing work and institutional efficiency.
2. Achieving academic excellence in the educational process to obtain qualified graduates.

3. To promote, develop and promote higher education and scientific research.

4. Activate and deepen the role of the college developmental and leadership to serve the community.